Thank You for Helping Me to Navigate the Virus

After two days of extreme fatigue, followed by a sore throat, I wondered, could this be the dreaded virus?

Surely not!

A day later a burning/tingling sensation and a tightness gripped my left lung and ribs, and I sensed it moving to my lower right lung/ribs.

My hands, feet and the lymph glands in my neck had a similar burning/tingling sensation.


Calling the Doctor

I telephoned my local surgery immediately, and a kind doctor noted my symptoms. I was put on the waiting list for a C****** Test.

Advice offered included keeping well hydrated, and getting plenty of fresh air. If my condition worsened, I should call back for help.

I was also told to self isolate for fourteen days.

Reaching Out to a Friend

Feeling somewhat fearful for my future, I reached out to a natural medicines therapist friend asking for healing thoughts and prayers. Thankfully, my request was accepted and I felt my breathing ease a little that evening.

No Test

Unfortunately, due to long waiting lists and other pressures, testing guidelines changed at midnight that day, and online advice suggested I should call my doctor’s surgery once again.

I spoke to the same kind doctor, updating my symptoms. Under the new guidelines I was no longer eligible for the test, having only one of three major symptoms.  Two major symptoms were needed to get the test.

She affirmed that I should call back if needed, and to continue self isolation.

Further Support

Feeling in need of further support, I called on my social media friends for warm thoughts and healing prayers.


A HUGE response followed.

Within hours, my breathing eased considerably, and the tightness round my ribs disappeared over the following days.

Other Supports

As a retired natural medicines therapist and teacher, I have always been incredibly proactive in my well being.

My natural medicines toolkit was fully utilized, including aromatherapy essential oil inhalations, and massages of essential oils in a carrier oil around my ribs twice daily.

Vitamin C and Zinc at therapeutic dosage levels were added to my usual dietary supplements of Magnesium, Omega 3,6, 9 and vitamin D3.

Homemade Soup, Fresh Air and Friendship

Although my appetite was much diminished, I enjoyed homemade soups from a selection I had prepared earlier, defrosted as needed from my freezer.

My garden always lifts my spirits, and I followed doctors orders once again, sitting outside as much as possible in glorious spring sunshine.

I could not have traveled this journey alone, and I will be forever grateful for phone calls from my family, and goodwill messages from my blogging and social media friends around the globe.

I am still somewhat fragile but recovering well.

Thank you one and all.

May you and yours stay safe and well.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.








  1. Looks as though I missed the boat Brigid, but you were of course included in my prayers for all of humanity at this awful time. I am so pleased that you are feeling better. Enjoy that spring sunshine as things cool down for our Australian autumn. Stay well, stay safe. XXX

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      • Hi dear Brigid, I am well thank you. Staying home as advised which I really don’t mind too much. Yes I believe our collective thoughts and prayers make a real difference. Your garden will become even more precious in the next months as it thrives through spring and summer. I’m so pleased you are feeling better. XX

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  2. I am so relieved you have come through this, Brigid and I will still hold you in my healing prayers. You are a special soul and your daily practices, wonderful garden and loving connections will always be there for you. ❤

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  3. Oh my goodness! I guess I was so wrapped up in my broken leg that I totally missed this one. Thank God you are okay. And that you had an arsenal of Natural Medicines to help with the symptoms. You are in my prayers, as are all of my WP family! It is now springtime in Kentucky but due to hay fever I’m watching it from my window rather than being outside in it all. My one trip out after coming home from the hospital left me sneezing for over an hour, but I’ve found a long hot shower helps me more than anything else. Please stay well and keep that freezer full! Nothing is better than home made soup! ❤


  4. I think most of us are experiencing similar thoughts. Every cough or sneeze and we think the worst. Unless my temperature rises, I am ignoring everything else! Glad you missed the boat!

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  5. Feeling so happy that you have come out safe and better from this virus, Brigid. Yes support from social media friends and family is so important and we can with positivity recover from any ailment. Nice to be sitting and taking fresh air and the medicines that helped you to recover. Blessings and Love to you. Stay safe.

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  6. So very glad you are better, Brigid! Cheering for you and what joy to see you have energy again.
    Shame, the doctor’s offices must be overflowing and not too many C tests at hand. We live extraordinary times.

    Much love, Pat xx

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  7. Big Big big hugs Brigid. I really find this self isolation, limits on testing and being at home a lone to deal with this so terrible. But, I get that health services can’t cope. I am so glad you are better, that all your remedies and everyone’s good wishes helped you. Please do keep taking care and safe and avoid going out as much as possible.

    Hugs. What a story. And thank you for sharing your story so much to learn form it. so much. Thank you.

    Stay safe and healthy. massive hug!

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  8. Thank you for sharing your experience, Brigid. I believe we are all connected energetically and when we send healing and loving energy to another being who is open to receive, it makes a difference. I am SO glad you were able to use natural healing to get through the illness. Take care, keep that fresh air and sunshine coming and be well! Hugs!

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    • Thank you Jan. I agree. One of the therapies I trained in many moons ago was Radionics, which uses dowsing for diagnostic purposes, followed by a fine tuned form of distance healing. Prayer and warm thoughts produce similar results across the airways, for which I am very thankful. Hugs back at you. Take care xx

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  9. Oh, Brigid, I’m so glad this sounds to have a happy ending. You had me worried–no way was I not going to read your entire post! I went by my doctor’s the other day (unrelated to COVID) and she had a table out front to test those in need. That was comforting.

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  10. I’m so relieved you are feeling better, Brigid. This virus has isolated us from one another and yet through loving prayers we meet. Rest now and know so many are sending love your way. ♥

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  11. I hit the like button, but wish there was a love button. Such wonderful news of a glorious recovery. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. And a thank you for your support system, which is always needed in any season. Cathi (DAF)

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  12. I am so relieved that you are well. I am also horrified that there is no testing. How on earth can accurate figures be garnered if testing is not done at least on someone presenting symptoms. But most of all I am thrilled that you have shared this experience which highlights how powerful we are if we put our goodness to work. Now – stay well … that’s an order!

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    • Thank you. Unfortunately, there was a shortage of testing kits at the time. I think it has improved since then, but the figures are really only the “tip of the iceberg.” Together we are so much stronger. It is heartening to read of so many other kindnesses around the world. How are you and yours?

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      • Testing has been a problem in so many places. I’m glad it is resolved where you are.

        Together is one of my favorite words…. the strength we have when we join is infinitely greater than being a lone soul in the universe. If we use that strength wisely and focus towards the right goals, humankind really can do great things.

        We are ok here. We stay sensible, stay stoic, stay smiling. We count our blessings and imbibe the beauty of being. It’s all we can do. To stay strong we have to keep mindful and we have to keep positive. We don’t ignore the news – we watch the updates from The Whitehouse every evening. I look at what is happening in the UK Europe because everyone I love apart from my husband, stepson and a few good friends is there. And Australia for my brother and his family. But then we sit down and eat together and sally on as my mother puts it. We are no different to the rest of the world. Go softly, lovely lady. X

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  13. Oh my, Brigid, how scary for you! I’m so glad you acted quickly to ask for support and utilize your natural healing health kit! I hope you continue to improve…I will add my own thoughts and prayers to all the lovely ones you’ve received so far.

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  14. I can’t imagine how scary that experience was for you Brigid. I’m so happy to hear you are feeling better and the positive healing thoughts have lifted you up. Stay well. Stay awesome! Sending virtual hugs across the miles and ocean!

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    • Thank you Robbie. It was very scary, as I live on my own. The shortness of breath was not nice, and it took a good few days to breath easy again. I am so thankful for my friends. I hope you and your family stay safe and well.

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  15. I’m so glad you’re on the mend, Brigid. The headaches and extreme weakness are debilitating. Take your time and get lots of rest. I’m told around day 11 or 12 it can resurge, so keep up those positive therapy measures! {{hugs}}

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  16. I’m still so angry with the point of not being able to get a test! I haven’t mention this on my blog or elsewhere, but I had what started with a sore throat and then continued with other problematic symptoms, especially with my already-crap breathing. I didn’t know whether it was the virus, couldn’t be tested, and didn’t want to sound like a hypochondriac. When looking for advice on infectiousness (as I live with vulnerable parents), I’ve seen mention from WHO of self-isolating if you’re with others for 14 days after the point at which you start to feel better (rather than 14 days from the first signs of infection). I’m so, so glad you’re doing better than you were. It does sound pretty odd what you went through if it wasn’t the virus, but either way it’s trying to err on the side of caution and I guess assume it is so as to avoid others as much as possible. Rest, recuperate, but continue to stay safe (just in case, especially as we don’t even know whether one infection results in being immune or not, or for how long). Sending lots of hugs your way lovely xxxxx

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    • I guess many more people are in the same boat. Like you I have breathing problems, but tests were in such short supply, they had to prioritize. I hope you are feeling better Caz. It is a worry when you live with others. I am lucky that I live alone. I will not rest easy on immunity until an antibody test is available. Sending you and your family warm hugs too. xxx

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  17. Brigid, I am just now reading this and so glad to see that you received so much support from your blogging friends. I hope that you continue to feel better and heal. Great job of reaching out for support. I think many people struggle with asking for help, myself included. I am been learning how be more vulnerable and it is amazing how willing people are to support you.
    Sending you love and poems,

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      • I am grateful to be well and that my family is well.
        I’ve been thinking a lot about people who are living alone through this and the challenges of isolation. And yet here we are connecting across the planet through a blog.
        I’m have been setting up women’s writing circles using Zoom. This is one action I’ve been taking to reach out to others. Take care of yourself and enjoy the quiet moments in your garden.

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  18. Oh my goodness Brigid I am sorry to hear that you were so unwell. Wonderful that you had the support of your on line community. As you know from visiting our blog we are doing a weekly series of collaborations from people around the world during this current crisis. If you wish to participate we would be delighted to have you.Our email is
    Sending you very best wishes.

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  19. It is so wonderful that you are feeling well again and you have had so much support through prayers and messages. Take care and rest and enjoying you lovely garden Brigid.

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  20. Brigid, I’m so happy to learn you are on the mend. I hate that we can’t all be tested, especially those of us who’ve experienced weird symptoms. I just want them to give us all an antibody test to see if we’ve had it so we know we’re immune and don’t have to be afraid, plus can start getting back in the world. Stay safe. ❤

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  21. Oh my, Brigid. This was frightening to read, and I’m so happy that you’re doing well. I think we need to be proactive before and after symptoms appear, take measures to help our immune system battle the virus. Your post is encouraging as well as great advice. It’s disturbing that you couldn’t get tested, though. This is so much more widespread than the stats show. I hope you continue to recover. Have a beautiful day and enjoy your garden. ❤

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