Life is a Balance of Holding On and Letting Go

Life is a balance of holding on and letting goThe two weeks I had visualized as a Spring Garden Break did not go according to plan. Instead, I spent four days and nights in hospital.

The Virus

Last month I shared my experience of symptoms which appeared to be Covid-19 in Thank You for Helping Me to Navigate the Virus

Although significantly better, I continued to experience more frequent bouts of shortness of breath, wheezing and fatigue – symptoms which I have had for 17 years.

I had been scheduled for a chest X-ray in late March, but it had to be cancelled due to the lock down. Following a telephone consultation with my doctor, I was advised that our local community hospital was taking X-ray appointments once again, and I got an X-ray that same day – Thursday 30 April.

The Journey to the Emergency Department

My chest X-ray results and a subsequent ECG warranted a visit to the Accident and Emergency Department, where blood tests also revealed low arterial oxygen levels.

Further investigations were needed, and I was admitted to hospital.

Suspected Covid-19

I spent three days and nights in a ward for suspected Covid-19, where I received great care and kindness from nurses, doctors, catering staff, porters, cleaners…

It was very humbling to witness their continuing dedication to others, in these challenging times.

Although, I was isolated in a single room, I had a comfortable bed, an en-suite shower room, great food, a television, a large window with great views…

After two negative Covid-19 tests, I was moved to a different ward for another day and night.

Once again, I was treated with great kindness.

Testing and Medication

During my four days of hospitalization, tests were carried out on both my heart and lungs. These will be followed up in out patients departments over the coming months.

I am now on new medication which has eased my symptoms .

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”


Going Home

I felt a great sense of euphoria when I was told:

“You can go home.”

It was so very good to open my front door, to take a walk around my garden, and sleep in my own bed…

The past fortnight has felt quite surreal at times, and I have had a few weepy moments, but throughout it all I have felt very calm and safe.

I am forever thankful for all the blessings I have witnessed along the way.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.




  1. Hi Brigid, I must have missed your previous email about your symptoms. What an awful thing to go through. Hospital staff and doctors are truly amazing people. I am delighted to hear that you are now back at home and feeling much better. Take care of yourself in these troubling times, since we have no idea when or even if this will end any time soon. XX

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    • Thank you Barb. I am forever thankful to all the hospital staff and my GP. They were awesome. Yes, everything is rather surreal right now. I think taking a day at a time we will get through it. May you and your loved ones remain safe. xx

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  2. Thank goodness you’re back. I mean, I’m delighted for you that you’re on the road to that happy state of Betterland but, selfishly how else do I enjoy Donegal in all its green and buttery lushness? Stay safe…

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  3. Bridgid,
    I am so taken by your account of your hospital stay. How positive everything became thanks to
    treatment that was obviously both kind and very professional. The way you describe it almost want me
    to book in.😊.
    It is so worryingly and often fearful to end up in hospital and your symptoms certainly warranted it.
    Hope the end result when you get them will soothe and help.
    I am so glad too that you didn’t have the Virus.


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  4. Brigid, what a worrying time for you. Thank goodness the tests came back negative and I’m touched by the excellent care you received in hospital. May the new medication and the tranquility of your wonderful garden soon bring you much strength, energy and good health. Take care & warmest wishes to you, my friend! Xx ❤️🌺

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    • Thank you Annika. I think everything flowed that way for a reason. The synchronicity of the chest X-ray appointment took me for the ECG, then A and E… I am so thankful for the great care I received. It was awesome. xx

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  5. Brigid, I have been thinking of you a great deal since last week. Thinking I haven’t heard from her in terms on blog post. Then I went to your website to see you are returning today. But, for the past few days I have been sending a prayer your way, I just felt I should

    Hugs to you … big hugs…

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  6. Bridgid, I am so pleased you are home and can enjoy your own home and garden again. I missed you online but did not realise you were ill – apologies. Sending your lots of love and positive vibes from beautiful Wales. xxx

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  7. Dear BrigidSo sorry to read that you are having ongoing problems.  I do hope you get clear results about what is going on. Glad you are feeling better on the medication.  Sending you lots of loveAnn

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    • Thank you Ann. I was given anticoagulant injection in A and E which started to ease the ache in my chest that evening. Got four more while I was in hospital. No sign of clots on CT scan following day, but I wondered about mini clots… Now on aspirin.


  8. Nice of you to be back home, Brigid where you feel the Oneness with your beautiful garden and your home. I agree people are good and so nice that all went well. Take care and stay safe. The quote from Rumi was profound. God bless. Love and light to you dear.

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      • You are welcome Brigid and yes so nice that all turned out good. Yes He himself was a Realized Master, his quotes are amazing. My husband too fell down in our house last Tuesday and fractured his thigh bone so we had to take him in emergency and the hospital staff too were very good and the Dr. too. He was operated on Friday and we came home yesterday. Now complete rest and only to walk with crutches for a month or two. Because of the virus he was kept in isolation for two days when we entered the hospital.

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      • Yes Brigid totally and now with all this isolation everywhere and no hospital is ready to take you. Two days he was kept in isolation with none of us with him and in acute pain and even after all the test came negative we shifted him to another wing where there is no danger of corona and I was staying with him though my son only was allowed so we both managed. My daughter could not come as she has a small baby. But everything went well and by the grace of God we came home on Tues. Now utmost care in the house. Life is really challenging and we have to face it with cheerfulness and to top it I have an old mother in law too.

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      • That was very tough indeed Kamal. I had to travel on my own to hospital as no visitors in A and E. Then none in wards either. I had no mobile phone but after my second negative test, I was given phone calls from my sisters. An unexpected boost. Our A and E was very quiet which meant I got a bed really quickly, which would probably not have happened in “normal” times.
        I do hope you and your family come out the other side in good health. God bless. xx


      • Yes completely true and agree totally with your words, at this time it is becoming really difficult to get into hospitals. Thank you for your kindness and hope you too be healthy and great. Love and light and hugs Brigid♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  9. So good that you have sailed through turbulent waters to reach home Brigid. Now that is what we call – strength of mind, which gets an impetus from positive thoughts. Wishing you good health.

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  10. So sorry you had to experience that Brigid. I’m so happy to know that you are back home and feeling better. Stay well and stay safe. On another note, I really enjoyed your memoir. I have recommended it to many friends who I know would also appreciate it and enjoy reading. Take good care! Hugs from Nova Scotia, Nicole

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    • Thank you Nicole. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I did not realize you had posted a review on Amazon until this week. It was a great boost, especially as it was ranked as my fiftieth on So huge thanks and hugs to you. xx

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  11. It is with a sigh of relief that i say i am happy to read your nor covid positive and that you are home…be well Bridgid and keep safe…you will be in my thoughts and prayers..🦋🦋🦋

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  12. Balancing our ‘normal’ medical ups&downs and cycles such as yours are often hard enough to navigate during ‘normal’ times – when to go to the ER or make a doc appointment for help in managing symptoms, etc…add to that mix COVID-19
    and it gets even trickier to navigate “should I or shouldn’t I?”

    I’m so glad it worked out okay for you – plus with the added bonus of being officially declared as COVID-negative.

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  13. Welcome home, Brigid! What a harrowing ordeal, but so glad the doctors were able to provide the medicine you need to feel better. I love the Rumi quotes! Sending light and love for full healing!

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  14. I love how persistent the medical team was at finding you help. There are certainly many other things that we can have besides covid-19, and they were determined to keep on finding ways to diagnose and treat you. I share your joy at returning home.

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  15. Brigid, I am so glad you are home and on the mend. What a wonderful medical team to find what worked for you. Wishing you peace and joy in your garden. You are in my healing prayers. ❤

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  16. Oh, my! I’m so glad you’re back home, Brigid, and feeling better! The title of your post is a wonderful mantra for these challenging times (I just had my first telephone appointment with my doctor for routine referrals and it made this pandemic very real again).
    I’m wishing you many warm and sunny days to come so you can get out into your beautiful garden…

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    • Thank you. It was a bit of a shock, but glad to be home. Will be followed up on heart and lungs. Thanks to my GP’s insistence on chest X-ray, it might have ended quite differently. I hope your referrals go well. Best wishes. x

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      • Those referrals may have to be put through again in 6 months as an eye appointment in the fall may have to be re-scheduled amid a potential second wave…I’ve heard that routine cancer check-ups may be conducted via phone calls as well, I’ll see what happens in late summer…these are definitely challenging times, Brigid!
        Keep well…

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  17. I just read this and relieved to know you are better. That must have been quite a scare. how things can change in an instant and we can feel so helpless. So glad to know you received excellent care all round. Cheers to your healthcare workers and to you most of all, being calm and focusing on healing as you took each day as it came. blessings, prayers and love to you Brigid.

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  18. So glad to hear that you were well cared for Brigid. And particularly that you didn’t have corona. I hope that you continue to feel well. Sending all my love and warmest wishes xx 🙏

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    • Thank you Miriam. I am hoping they tested for Covid antibodies, but should find out soon. Everyone was exceptionally kind and caring. Awaiting follow up on both lungs and heart as some abnormalities on echocardiogram. Fingers crossed… xx

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  19. These last couple of months I’ve been staying off social media more than usual and I had no idea you were in the hospital, so happy to hear you’re better and that in the comfort of your own home. Blessings to you dear Brigit. xoxo

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