Book Lover’s Tag

Erin from Unbound Roots has tagged me for The Book Lover’s Tag. She is a kindred spirit who loves gardening and the outdoors. Please call round and say “Hello.” Do you have a specific place for writing? I write my blog at my desk. However, most of my memoir was written by hand in a … More Book Lover’s Tag

When Sally Met Sam

Sally Cronin is an incredibly generous writer and blogger who supports LOTS of authors and bloggers (myself included) through her blog Smorgasbord Invitation – a blog with a view – on books, music, humour and health. She has written ten books on a variety of topics, ranging from health to media training. This week I read and reviewed … More When Sally Met Sam

Joyful Reading

The busyness of Christmas has now passed, and I have been blessed with two weeks of rest, including a good few hours of very joyful reading. I stepped out of my usual self help and travel genres, and read a couple of excellent crime thrillers, an inspiring novel, a collection of short stories and an illustrated storybook about a little … More Joyful Reading