Time Out on the Beach


Cloudy skies 

I purchased a little, open fronted beach tent two summers ago; it has been such a blessing – I can now spend quality time by the seaside in inclement weather.

The beach called me last Wednesday, so I packed my tent and a picnic, before heading out to a quiet cove. A few clouds graced the Donegal skies:


IMG_6496Inside my beach tent

Then the day began to brighten, yet the beach remained deserted…


My sister joined me, and we spent several hours relaxing, savouring our picnic and listening to the sounds of the ocean.

I enjoyed sitting on a mighty rock settee…


I photographed more rock features.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, I packed my tent and headed home, feeling quite rejuvenated.


  1. Your pictures make me homesick for a place I’ve never been. My roots are in County Wycliffe, where my sister has traced our great, great, great grandfather, Michael Cashen. Unfortunately, there are no members of the Cashen family remaining in County Wycliffe now. She has gone back many times to check and is always disappointed. Ah, to see the Emerald Isle one time, but that is no longer an option for me. Enjoy your beach though. I prefer higher ground.

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  2. How fun! So glad you answered the call. Those rock formations are fascinating, one of them reminds me of Mt. Rushmore, a little bit! What a lovely day you and your sister had. xo

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  3. After reading and looking at ybour photographs I feel as if I’ve been with you to the beach, sat on the sand, felt the sand wriggling between my toes, and felt the wind blowing my hair. But … now I’m home again, and feel tired in a way that only a visit to te sea can do.

    Wonderful post, fabulous photos. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us all.

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  4. Your photos, as soon as I saw the first photograph my soul flies, I get feel of being refreshed. Wise thought to buy a small tent to enjoy the beach. The stones have so many stories to tell. It is a magical beach beautiful energy.

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  5. When we were back in Canada the beach called to us frequently as well. We lived about 5min from the water, 10 from a fairly quiet beach where book-reading and sea-glass hunting were always in order. Your post took me to a happy place today! 🙂

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  6. Hello Brigid,
    It sounds like a lovely day out. Your images are great of a beach to yourself.
    Great to see you looking happily relaxed too 🙋🏻💕


      • Ah yes, of course you have the long summer hols coming don’t you Brigid? Yes, there is still time for some peaceful visits yet! You know, I see so many similarities in us through getting to know you. I’ll never claim to have your drive or determination, but I’m also a Piscean and have tried many healing alternative modalities, love Angels…. the list goes on. I’m sadly going to finish your book tonight. It’s been a delight journeying with you and your family and I’ll hope for a happy ending in your quest for you successfully managing your fibromyalgia. (Don’t say yet…. after tomorrow, if it’s not in your book!!) 🙂
        Di 💕

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      • Bless you Di. I hope you like the ending. I have a good few Piscean friends. We are a little bit different aren’t we ?! 😊I so enjoy your blog and look forward to lots more chats. If you feel able I appreciate reviews so much and realise how important they are in getting my book out there… I have done lots for others on Amazon and Goodreads this past year…. Have a great week. X

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      • Thank you Brigid. Bless you too. And I can certainly attest to being a bit different. Like a fish swimming upstream….
        Thank you for your very kind compliment on my blog. That means a lot.
        And of course I’ll happily write a review. If I’m having trouble finding how and where, I’ll sing out.
        Have a great week too my friend 💐💕

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  7. Brigid how beautiful. Many of the rock formations look like some in Arizona, except you have a beach. I must go hiking and share a few photos. I’ve been trying to work on my photography skills–thus, the ones I have are not so good. Mostly taken with my phone. Anyways you look like you enjoyed yourself. Love the sandals! I am starting to notice you have nice taste in shoes. 🙂

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    • Sharon I love shoes! and handbags… I have a colourful collection. 😉It would be great to see more of your surroundings. I love rocks and find them very healing. I think maybe you are being hard on yourself over your photographs. I love seeing photographs. Go for it. X

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      • Thank you for the encouragement Brigid. We have a few trips planned this summer, and I plan to take lots of photos. I will definitely share. My father and siblings love photography. I am the last child of the three to dabble in the hobby. My father’s images have been featured on USA Today, his jeep on a magazine and my brother’s images are nice as well–one was even offered a purchased priced. I can’t recall if he ever sold or not. I suppose this is why I am critical about my photos. Anyways, I am having my brother and sister take my daughter’s senior photos on a Florida beach this summer. I would love to share, maybe in an email if you would like. I don’t want to share my children’s faces online. Too many scary things today. And Brigid are you open to a book review? I am happy to write one for you if you like.

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