Rainbows Over Belfast


Titanic Belfast

Today I am sharing a taster from the prologue of my memoir  “Watching the Daisies – Life Lessons on the Importance of Slow.”

“Rainbows Over Belfast,” describes my colourful experiences at a Tom Jones concert, in August 2012.

“Seconds later, a series of efficient roadies dressed in sombre shades of black, grey and olive clear the stage for Sir Tom, before tuning guitars, taping song order sheets to the floor and laying out six cool glasses of water for our septuagenarian hero.

The two ladies in front, precision – apply shades of pink and red to their lips without the aid of a mirror.  A pale grey mist of dry ice clouds covers the stage as Tom emerges to rapturous applause.  He is dressed in dark grey from head to toe, topped by a silver beard and cropped curls, a more sophisticated look than his dyed days of the past.  He now looks classy, mature and perhaps wise.

My new friend in white grabs my arm again as we dance joyfully to a series of hits including my favourite, “Mama Told Me Not To Come”.  A young girl behind me captures the moment for posterity on her iPhone.  Tom is perhaps only 10 feet away and I miss my camera.  He is radiating pure gold now as he gets into the groove of his spiritual destiny-to heal with his golden voice.  He is embraced by the rainbow of stage lights above- magenta, crimson, green and pink-dancing to the words of each song.

“The Green, Green Grass of Home” brings more applause from his emerald audience as silver droplets of rain begin to fall.  My maroon mac comes out of its pocket, as others don see-through ponchos in olive green emblazoned with JAMESON or clear white models inscribed with ABSOLUT.

Three young girls behind me bring out a brown, ribbed cardboard banner with WE LOVE YOU TOM! on one side and CAN WE COME BACKSTAGE? ITS COLD OUTSIDE! on the other.

Sensible women turn to folly, as knickers in every colour of the rainbow are launched towards the stage in the hope of catching their hero’s attention.  Tom doesn’t blink an eyelid, as lace sex bombs continue to ricochet in shades of cerise, turquoise and red.  I move sideways, making way for more lady soldiers to catch a better aim.

He removes his jacket and sings “You Can Leave Your Hat On”, donning a silver silk scarf in the process, to match his grey ensemble, before waving his hips in his own charismatic way, while each word is sung tongue in cheek, with that inimitable twinkle in his eye.

Sadly, the performance ends, and although every muscle and joint in my body aches as I hobble back to my cosy hotel room, I am floating on an orange cloud of joy.

Dear reader, you may now wonder why my body was aching; you will find your answers if you read the remainder of my memoir!

I will though enlighten you over my fascination for colour.

I sense rainbows around everything, for I have been blessed with the gift of clairvoyance or clear seeing”.

If you enjoyed this taster from my book, you might also enjoy another musical post from May 2016  Bryan Adams Rocks Belfast!

Happily, I had my camera with me for Bryan’s concert, and I was able to capture some great photographs.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.

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  1. I saw TJ with a friend in the seemlessly unglamorous Reading abot 20 years ago. It remains one of the most joyful experiences of my life …. he was SUCH a performer and the crowd ranged from 19-91 at a guess. Entertainment as it should be ….

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  2. How wonderful you were able to see Tom Jones and Bryan Adams in concert. I’ve never seen either in concert, but really enjoy their music and love when you have a chance to see musicians at different times over their career like you were able to with Bryan Adams. I’m looking forward to reading how the story about Tom Jones ends in your book.

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  3. I love Tom Jones. I was fortunate enough to see him years ago, and spent more time dancing up out of my seat than simply ogling. Tickets prices allowed me and my plus + a close-up seat. He’s a fabulous entertainer. He appears to sincerely enjoy his audience. I love his singing, but also love hearing him speaking too. His Welsh accent is n-i-c-e!

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