The Garden in May 2017


The view across the garden last week

The garden is flourishing after a very warm start to the month of May, plus a few much needed downpours in the past fortnight.

If this is your first visit to my garden, you will notice that it is devoid of grass, and filled with a number of (mostly) raised beds, planted with trees, shrubs, cottage style perennials, bulbs and a small number of annuals.

I have designed the paths and beds at an angle from the house to give it more interest.

Membranes under the gravel paths keep the majority of weeds at bay. Although a few hardy specimens put up a good fight!

One of my favourite old fashioned perennials is Aquilegia, also known as grannies bonnets. I have a number of different varieties but I do not know all their names:

The pond area is looking a little more mature, after it was downsized back in March. I am still tweaking the planting:


The pond area in May

The photograph below is from my post The Garden in March  There is a world of difference:


The pond area in March

Here are more of this months delights:

Purple Astrantia and friends – cerise Carnations and pale pink Geranium


 Phlomis awaiting the emergence of her pale orange flowers, keeps Astrantia company on the other side of this border.

Meanwhile a number of blue blooms are emerging :

Purple Allium provide star quality:


Roses are flourishing – let me introduce you to “James Galway” :

Pink Fuschia are another JOY:


And a number of varieties of white and yellow Daisy have joined the colourful throng:

Happy Gardening.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.



  1. Stunning. So beauitful and well thought of, in terms of layout. Would you be able to a post on gardening basics? What is a annual etc, what to plant where? What to plant to give all year effect? Etc.. i dont know anything about gardening and i can see you know loads. May be i should reduce my grass ..

    Regards bella

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  2. Hello Daisies. What a beautiful garden. A total joy to walk through, I should imagine.

    I have a question:
    In the very first photograph, at the top of this post, over to the right hand side there is an incredible ‘fern type’ plant which is all feathery and almost like it has skeleton leaves. It’s green but seems to have a purple hue about it.

    It’s quite beautiful and I’d love to know what this plant is called.
    love ~ Cobs. x

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  3. OOh lovely post Brigid! I love to see before and after shots and your pond has changed loads! My pond needs a bit of tlc at the moment because I think we have a leak but it will have to wait until the Autumn when all the amphibians leave to hibernate i think. My favourite plant at the moment is Astrantia and I’ve just planted some Astrantia Major which I think is yours? I also love the purple plant -is that a chilean potato plant? I have one and it has gone bonkers and is rambling everywhere! Thank you for linking up to #MyGloriousGardens again. x

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  4. Brigit.
    Your gardens looks truely beautiful a santuary of colour. .I have the plants you have me last summer and they are coming on well…And think of you when i see them flourish.
    Cogratulation on getting your book published..😊

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  5. Brigid when it comes to see the efforts and hardwork through our eyes it gives such immense satisfaction.
    So is your garden. When we can take such pleasure in seeing it, how delighted and happy you must be.

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  6. It’s cloudy this morning and wandering through your beautiful garden has me eager to get out in the park again (we have 1,000 acres of forest & garden to explore just down my street!)! Thank you for sharing your ‘secret garden’ with us!!

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  7. Hello Brigid,
    What a treat to see your garden. The sun certainly looks bright and warm too.
    I love a cottage garden and this looks like such a beautiful one. I think your roses and daisies are my eternal favourites but everything looks wonderful. You have captured the flowers so well.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend there,
    Hugs from Di ✨🙋🏻💕

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  8. Everything looks so bright and healthy Brigid!! Do you have to replant every year?? Our next door neighbor took out all the grass in his back yard and has so many fruit trees and fruits and veggies growing. And we love when he comes knocking on the door with fresh squash and tomatoes! It’s beautiful!!! I know you must love seeing what you’ve done… hugs from here Brigid!

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