Colour, Crystals and Aura Readings

20180306_093539.jpgFollowing my Heart

In 1985, I began to follow my heart instead of my head, and my life changed dramatically.

I had been working in a life assurance office for 13 years, earning a fantastic salary in the Actuarial and Life Underwriting Departments. However, I was becoming increasingly depressed. I sought help from a highly regarded clairvoyant, who recommended that I go to a local Spiritualist Church for spiritual healing.

Fate decreed that I follow his wise advice, and a few weeks after my first experience of spiritual healing, I attended a workshop at Westbank Healing Centre in the village of Strathmiglo, Fife. It was a full day learning basic reflexology and massage techniques.

I knew very little about either of these therapies at the beginning of the workshop, but as the day progressed I felt increasingly enthused and relaxed. By days end, I knew that becoming a natural medicines therapist was my destiny…

In the following months, I enrolled with The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, an organisation that trains students in the art of channeling healing energy, and I became a probationer healer.

20180306_093228.jpgCrystal Healing

I enrolled on a class in astrology, which produced a series of strange synchronicities that eventually led to my learning of the ancient art of crystal healing.

My heart compelled me to travel south to Lytham St Anne’s near Blackpool, for a weekend workshop on the healing power of crystals. I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

The workshop room was filled with large chunks of amethyst, quartz crystal, rose quartz…

Our tutor introduced us to a number of crystals and their healing qualities, which were often linked to their colour.

I became increasingly intrigued.

The Aura

He lead us in a guided visualisation:

“Close your eyes and imagine you are taking a walk through a beautiful meadow, filled with flowers in a myriad of colours…”

Once relaxed, I travelled off to other worlds. When I opened my eyes afterwards everyone looked different – each person was surrounded by a shimmering glow of colour.

Further discussion enlightened me on my visions.

“You are seeing everyone’s aura, a sea of energy that surrounds our bodies,” our tutor explained. “The colours depict our thoughts, moods and feelings. It changes throughout each day, and in time you will learn what each colour signifies.”


The weekend continued, crammed with more new learning, and we began to practice crystal healing, using a variety of crystals, laid on energy centres called chakras. I was so impressed, that I just had to learn more on this ancient healing art.

And I did!

In early 1987, I began to travel to London for a year long professional crystal healing course, the first of its kind in the UK.

Colour Healing

Meanwhile, I enrolled on a number of colour healing courses with Theo Gimbel,  Bernadette Cleary, Lilla Bek, Marie Louise Lacey, Vicky Wall, Paul Lambillion…

I was blessed to have such wonderful tutors, many of whom were highly regarded authors. Although I was learning healing skills to help others, I was also inspired on my self healing journey.

Aura Readings

My clairvoyant skills continued to develop in the years that followed, and I was eventually able to offer aura readings, as part of my growing natural medicines practice.

“I see you have a beautiful sea of pink energy around your heart chakra. You are a naturally kind and caring person.” I might begin.

“Yes, I work with special needs children.”

“Pink hearted people often get taken for granted. Remember to take good care of YOU too, ” I added.

Learning to love and care for myself, would eventually lead to creating this blog and writing my memoir.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.






  1. I loved reading this story, Brigid. It’s not hard to believe that your past work could cause you depression—just reading the title made me depressed….
    And what a wonderful journey you have been on since. I can’t wait to read the rest of the story…

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  2. All the things you talk about in your post today are interesting. I believe everything is connected to everything…so I am sure we emanate auras and that the auras do have colors. I am still at the level of leaning about mindfulness, taking things slower, centering and trying to surround myself with good energy especially as it relates to people. I’d much rather concentrate on the color and beauty of crystals than the chaos of our present world. Although attention must be paid to both!

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  3. Oh my Goodness, Brigid. Thank you for sharing your experience. I just loved reading this about you. We are so alike. Many healing stones surround my working space and healing ritual, meditation and grounding take place daily. Auras and energies are so prevalent in everyone (I only wish I could see the colors, but feel the energy at all times). Can’t wait to read the rest of your life journey. We are all connected in this magnificent universe and I am happy to discover a bit more about a fellow healer 😉

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  4. Brigid! This is amazing! ❤ I have just started learning about crystals and color healing. I am truly fascinated and completely drawn to both. I'm very excited to have begun this journey and can't wait to read more from you on these topics.

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  5. Fascinating Brigid. I remember being told that Rose Quartz helped women become pregnant and eased the pregnancy. I was a little dubious but sent a friend of Yvonne’s a rose quartz pendant because she was having problems getting pregnant. She was a sweet girl (woman really) and I was pleased when I soon heard she was pregnant. I wasn’t sure whether the idea of help from the stone had relaxed her and pregnancy followed or whether something slightly miraculous had happened.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  6. Oh WOW. I started being interested in crystals a few years ago, but recently I started feeling a real connection to them and I’m looking to take an online course. I am fascinated by your post. Thanks

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  7. I love your story – but you know that! I also love the closing remark to this post ‘learning to love and care for myself’ …. you have taught me and continue to teach me that this really is the path to health, content and peace. And as ever, I thank you.

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  8. You and I share so many interests and experiences, when I was reading your book I kept thinking I could have written this, and I too have looked into many healing practices and have a wide collection of crystals. I would have loved to train in these therapies, having benefited from reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, homoeopathy, Bach flower remedies and so on, but because of my own physical problems I could only inform myself for my own needs. I would love to read a series on the uses of various crystals, oils and so on. 💜

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  9. What a beautiful and inspiring journey you’ve travelled Brigid. It took me much longer to take the decision to follow my heart and it was definitely the right choice and better late than never! xx

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  10. What an interesting story Brigid! I have always followed my heart and many of my decisions were scoffed at, considered irresponsible but I kept faith in my heart…it never lies! Stay blessed dear friend.

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  11. Absolutely fascinating Brigid, I am always interested to hear about other’s spiritual journeys. Just because you have not experienced something personally cannot invalidate another person’s experiences. I always think of someone who is collour blind… just because they cannot tell the difference between Green and Red does not mean the difference is not there!

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  12. I feel peaceful just reading your story, Brigid and thankful for my beautiful chunk of amethyst that resides on a dresser in my bedroom…I also remember seeing auras during a meditation workshop…I’m looking forward to reading more!

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  13. How wonderful that you followed your heart. It must have been a hard choice, leaving the good salary. So many of us humans work in jobs that are not rewarding but the money holds us to them. You followed your heart and found your calling. So fantastic and such talent you have!

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  14. oh I loved this post and hope you will write more 1 I HAVE BEEN CONSIDERING PLACING CRYSTALS IN MY WATER-BUT NEED TO RESEARCH MORE. (caps lock) I will look forward to learning more- and crystals are my favorite stone-they always have been.-even as a child. thank you

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  15. For over the years i was having some trouble addressing my anxious feeling when sorrounded by a crowd..i began reading about it till one day i came accross an article clairsentient..and i suppose it gave me better that i read your post i realized that these things really do exist …i wanted to be in touch with you please ..

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    • Thank you Mich. Some of us are made extra sensitive and it can be very challenging at times. It is so important to step back and take care of ourselves. If you want to contact me there is a contact form on my site. Best wishes. 🌼

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  16. This is lovely post on your journey within the spiritual developments. You were so lucky to encounter genuine and good people. Unfortunately this has not been the case for many who are now breaking their silence on the unnecessary traumas they experienced in this line of working.

    Your a beautiful soul who has been able to achieve much of what was expected of you. Your a blessing. Take care.

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  17. Brigid, a fascinating post and I’m taken with your journey here! You totally turned your life around and that is incredible and not something undertaken lightly. It must have been astonishing to see everyone’s aura at the first meeting in Blackpool … amazing! Your dedication is awe-inspiring and not often one truly feels able to follow one’s heart. I’m reading in admiration and huge interest. Hugs xxxx❤️🌺

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  18. Oh that all sounds so wonderful, I would have loved learning all of that too. I have some crystals and a couple of books about chakras but to go to workshops is a great way to really learn so much more. Love that bracelet Brigid! xo ♥

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  19. I knew there was something that I recognised about you, Daisies A feeling. Very much spiritual.

    I too see auras – but I’ve had no training in order to do so. It’s something I’ve always been able to do, and (as a child) I thought everyone did it. It never occurred to me that it wasn’t something ‘different’. It wasn’t until I got to about 12 (ish) that I realised this wasn’t so.
    Because of this new knowledge, I became a bit backward in coming forward with this information about me as …. well … people can be odd about these things sometimes.

    The spiritual side of me is as natural to me as breathing.
    I receive messages; and have given these over, when I felt that the person would be ok with me doing so. And I can see spirit – but this isn’t something I feel overly comfortable with, for it can sometimes take me by surprise and that type of surprise I can well do without, so I actively push that away.

    I’m thrilled to have read this post (albeit while trying to catch up with any posts I’ve missed), for it has turned a feeling into a reality, and made you a more ‘complete’ soul to me. I knew there was something, but found pinning that feeling down to exactly what, difficult.
    Great post.
    Have a truly blessed rest of your day Daisies. Much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  20. This is an awesome post, Brigid. I believe that when we follow our hearts we are not only happier, but we thrive. It takes courage to take such bold steps to leave a life of certainty for the uncertain. You simply inspire me.

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