101 Ways to Meditate

http---www.pixteller.com-pdata-t-l-460758“101 Ways to Meditate” continues the story of my self healing journey, and my post Colour, Crystals and Aura Readings, where I shared the story of my introduction to meditation.

30+ years later, I have explored many other forms of meditation which have empowered me on my self healing journey.

Meditation Circle

In 1986, I joined a weekly meditation and spiritual development circle, where our teacher instructed us to “close our eyes and still our minds” in a seated meditation that lasted for a full hour.

I found it incredibly difficult to follow her guidance. A few weeks later, I felt compelled to open my eyes and watch what was happening to the others in our group.

Amazingly, I witnessed everyone’s aura shining brightly, and I saw a number of angelic beings standing around the room!

Although I had joined the group to enhance my meditation and healing abilities, it seemed my clairvoyant skills were developing further…

Raworth College

Within months, I felt inspired to study natural medicines full time, but was there such a course?

Synchronicity prevailed, and I discovered an advert for Raworth College near Dorking in Surrey, England. The college provided a one year full time training in natural medicines, including aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, nutritional medicine, flower essences and counselling skills.

Feeling rather excited, I travelled south for an interview and was delighted to be accepted as a student.

The course was intense but incredibly fulfilling, and I was so thankful that I had already studied anatomy and physiology in my one year foray as a student of dentistry, at Glasgow University.

Colour Healing

Before my year at Raworth commenced, I studied the healing power of colour from a number of great teachers including Theo Gimble who lived near Stroud in Gloucestershire – a long trek from my home in Scotland.

I attended three of Theo’s weekend workshops in all, and learned more about colour and its healing qualities, the aura and the energy centres known as chakras, the colour wheel…

Colour visualisation became my preferred route for reaching a calm, meditative state.

I have a lovely post on colour visualisation which you will find HERE

Crystal Healing

I graduated with my diploma in crystal healing at the end of 1987, while I was attending Raworth College. My energy levels knew no bounds back then!

Crystals are incredibly therapeutic, and they helped me to meditate more easily.

My favourite crystals for meditation are amethyst, rose quartz and clear crystal.

It is important to cleanse crystals on a regular basis:

  • In the sea,
  • A natural stream,
  • Using holy water,
  • Smudging with herbs such as sage…

Crystals also love a little recharge like us humans!

You can recharge them on a windowsill or outside in your garden – in sunlight or moonlight, and they will produce a truly sparkling healing energy.

Simply sitting or lying, with your cleansed and recharged crystal is all that is necessary to initiate a state of deep relaxation. You will soon feel compelled to close your eyes and travel off to other worlds

IMG_6097Sitting and Walking Meditation

On my return to Edinburgh in the summer of 1988, I set up my natural medicines practice. I felt in career heaven!

Continuing to explore meditation techniques, I attended The Salisbury Centre, founded by a doctor called Winifred Rushforth, who had travelled to India early in her career as a surgeon.

The centre provided LOTS of great weekly and weekend classes, and I enrolled on dream analysis, sitting and walking meditation weekends…

I continued to have challenges with sitting meditation, finding it quite uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time, even with the aid of a wooden meditation stool.

However, I adored walking meditations.

The technique is simple – just walk with the intention of stilling your mind, in a quiet spot in Mother Nature.

Drumming, Chanting and Dancing

Native American and other ancient cultures use drumming, chanting and dancing in sacred ceremony. The drum is believed to bring us back in tune with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

A native American shaman introduced me to the healing power of “The Fire Dance”, a ceremony where I danced in a large circle with many other participants, for several hours.

Time flew past and I was once again transported into a deeply meditative place.

I have always loved the sound of the drum, and in my youth the drum solos played by rock bands enchanted me.

The spirit of the drum called me, and I joined a number of others in a sacred drum making ceremony held at Healthworks, a healing centre that I eventually established in Stirling.

During the day long workshop, we gave thanks to the spirit of the deer, as we placed our chosen deerskins around a round wooden frame, then laced it on the reverse, to form a taut drum.

The deer held a lot of significance for me as I had hit a young deer with my car, when travelling home from a much needed massage treatment, during my father’s last few weeks of life.

I held the young deer as it quivered by the roadside, while a kind driver stopped and went to find a vet.

A gamekeeper from a nearby estate intervened and said, ” the kindest thing is to put it to sleep.”

I gave the gentle deer one last hug and walked towards my car. One sharp shot rang out, and I dissolved into tears for the deer and my dear gentle Dad.

The pain felt unbearable.

Native traditions consider the spirit of the deer to be that of gentleness, and the power to heal our wounds.


My Deerskin Drum

My drum was completed, and it embraces a soft and gentle energy like the deer.

Playing my drum always takes me on a sacred journey to other worlds, to embrace a wonderful sense of inner peace,

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Frank Perry was one of the first sound healers to facilitate a workshop at Healthworks. He uses Tibetan singing bowls, which are actually made in Bhutan, Nepal, India and Tibet, to produce a variety of  heavenly sounds. The sound produced depends on the size and shape of the singing bowl, and the type of wand used to play it.

The sounds created by the bowls enchanted me from the beginning, and induced a very deep meditative state. Sound healing has since become one of my all time favourite tools for meditation.


Tibetan singing bowls at a recent fundraising workshop for Amma’s trip to Ireland

I was very blessed to attend another Tibetan singing bowls workshop recently, to help raise funds for Amma’s trip to Ireland this autumn.


Details on Amma available on http://www.ammaireland.org

Sound Healing

Sound and Voice Therapist Harriet Buchan facilitated several sound healing workshops at Healthworks. They were incredibly powerful, and I felt compelled to book an individual healing session.

One session led to another, and I attended Harriet for one-to-one sound healing sessions for more than a year!

She helped me reclaim my voice after the end of my marriage.

In Bali, I have enjoyed a great number of visits to workshops by Bali Sound Healers, who like Harriet, use a variety of musical instruments including singing bowls, crystal bowls, didgeridoos, drums, bells… to promote meditation and healing.

Around 1996, I attended two Spaceclearing workshops with Karen Kingston, which inspired me to explore the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

I bought two Balinese bells from Karen. You can read more about these bells in my post The Balinese Priest’s Bell

Sufi Whirling

I left Scotland in 1999. However, I just had to attend one final weekend workshop on “The Way of the Warrior,” based on the book ” The Four-Fold Way” by Angeles Arrien.  This book  teaches the “four archetypal principles of the Native American medicine wheel.”

I enjoyed a standing meditation, honouring the seven sacred directions – the North and wisdom, the East and clarity, the South and purification, the West and reflection, Above and Father Sky, Below and Mother Earth, and Within and our own Inner Wisdom.

It felt incredibly powerful and centering, which was very necessary for the follow up Sufi whirling meditation, where I  whirled like a dervish, increasing in speed and not feeling at all dizzy – a great metaphor for keeping centred as LIFE continued to spin around me…

Five Rhythms Dancing

Gabrielle Roth introduced a dancing meditation in the late 1970’s, called “The Five Rhythms.” In 2000, I travelled to County Meath, here in Ireland, to experience a week long dance meditation workshop.

Feeling somewhat anxious as to whether I would last the pace, I danced very tentatively and shyly at the beginning of the week. However, I soon relaxed and entered the rhythm with gusto, dancing each day to five free forms of dance known as Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness.

Dancing all five rhythms in sequence was called dancing “The Wave.”

Like other forms of meditation, the week provided me with a deeper sense of inner peace and healing.

Life in the Slow Lane

In 2003, my body succumbed to a mystery illness that was eventually diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

My World stopped for two long years, and much soul searching followed.

Meditation has been an integral part of my self healing journey, although I rarely attend workshops these days.

I continue to practice:

  • Walking meditation,
  • Colour Visualisation,
  • Crystal Meditation,
  • Singing and Chanting,
  • Drumming,
  • A little dancing…

I also find:

  • Gardening,
  • Cooking,
  • Decoupage and crafting,
  • Reading a great book,
  • Relaxing in a warm bath…

Also transport me to a place of Inner Peace and Happiness.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.





  1. I find some form of inner peace from just sitting or from exchanging virtual hugs, that I wish into reality, with friends around the world
    xxx Massive Hugs Brigid may you feel the benefit of them in reality xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Brigit, I couldn’t stop reading and absorbing what you had to say . All of it resonates with me – but most impressive that you see auras- what a gift to have . Love and appreciate this post – thank you very much for the inspiration ✨💫✨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As you know, I have been absent for several weeks whilst I affected a rather major move. Now that I am settled it is a pleasure to be able to dip back into the blog-pool and over time I will catch up with all I have missed. And of course, write some of my own too, though that may be construed as a threat rather than a delight 😉

    Having read your book, much of this was familiar to me but revisiting it today has reminded me of the powerful messages you convey through your life story and the lessons you have learned along the way. For me, meditation comes from walking in nature. Be it a strenuous hike in the mountains or a sedate stroll by water, I am at peace and able to connect with my deepest self in those moments. And that peace is the most powerful ally I have. x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am glad you wrote this blog post Brigit. All these forms of meditation are very much needed. Your book is also a real masterpiece 🙂 Your life story is beautifully written and expressed using creative and colourful language. The wisdom and life lessons are invaluable.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Magical moments spent in my Brilliance Within hut in the garden listening to beautiful music or sometimes just the sound of the birds singing and even the distant sounds of life going on all around me and also camping – those peaceful moments close to nature are such great reminders of how amazing life really is… What a lovely post Brigid and I felt your pain at hitting the beautiful deer – I once hit a badger and it was devastating although it did run off and I don’t know whether it lived or died… incredibly sad! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I am amazed at the healing and peace that quiet meditation can bestow with angelic beings standing around the room! Wow! Thanks for sharing so many ways of meditation, you are really blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow! Brigid,what a wonderful journey, discovery of meditation – you take us across the globe and back to ourselves. I sat stunned and in awe as ‘ witnessed everyone’s aura shining brightly, and I saw a number of angelic beings standing around the room!’ Amazing! I’ve always found drums hypnotic, dancing soothing – anything where we can lose ourselves for a moment is heavenly! I would love to experience everything you write about here – the Tibentan singing bowls sound incredible. I am so sorry about your illness, a long hard time for you. Your inner peace resonates through your posts and work. hugs xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Annika. I have been very lucky to have met so many wonderful people on my journey. When I set up my healing centre, I was like a kid in a toy shop! It was such a wonderful time. Life is much gentler these days and Nature is my go to healer. I hope you get your wish on the Tibetan bowls. They are very special. xxx

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Wow, what a great post Brigid. You are blessed with the gift of seeing angels, what a wonderful blessing. Thank you for your great info on meditations and stones and auras. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Lovely message to the public. Yes, I do some of the meditations you’ve mentioned here. I do the full moon meditation also which I simply look forward to every month. And the most amazing thing is, even if I forget the date and I am indoors, the moon reminds me by popping up in front of me in photos or through conversations. So it’s like the moon helping me to strengthen our bond. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  10. What an amazing journey you have been on, Brigid! I wish I could pop over for some healing and coaching from you. I used to meditate regularly and have gotten away from it. You story and pathway does make me long to get back to it. I do a form of meditation when I walk for sure and find it is a wonderful means to quiet my mind. Walking meditation is the best for me at this point in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Yes Brigid. Meditation can take so many forms. I like the walking meditation, but for me meditation has changed: I used to do it as a relaxation technique but now it’s become a devotional spiritual practice of communing with God in the inner silence. that’s the only reason I do it now. Great post, thank you. You are inspirational! anita

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Anita. It is interesting how meditation and relaxation evolve for those who try it. I am also reminded that many have not and they still find inner peace through other paths. As they say “There are many roads up the mountain.”


  12. Sat Nam, beautiful wisdom here. Thank you for sharing. I lead Yatras to India, yoga retreats, and trainings. On these journeys we practice the lost art of Burial Meditation as a way to connect to the Earth. May you continue to be blessed on your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. It’s a cloudy summer day and I’m wandering through the blog world catching up on posts I might have missed along the way…this post is beautiful, Brigid…I have an amethyst that sits on my bedroom dresser and I love its sparkling energy…I can hardly wait to give it a sun bath when summer returns mid-week!

    Liked by 1 person

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