Put on your SPF!


Donegal has bathed in six weeks of glorious sunshine so far this summer – such a joy after a long and dreary winter. I have visited the beach as often as possible. Indeed, I have even been SWIMMING in The Atlantic!

The Review

Yesterday, I drove around 30 miles, parked my car then climbed two long flights of stairs to a large waiting room. I felt quite anxious.  I was back for a six month review after having a 2 cm wide basal cell carcinoma removed from the bridge of my nose.

I did not want a recurrence.

I have always been respectful of the sun’s rays and applied a good SPF when needed; I now wear a hat for extra protection.

Two red spots had joined my fading scar for a couple of weeks then disappeared.  This morning I looked in the mirror and a new red mark had appeared!

Thankfully, the news was good.

“It is just scar tissue,” the efficient Dermatologist announced.

I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief….

A smile filled my face as she continued, “Keep an eye on it and if you notice any other changes, we can treat it very easily.”

I emerged from the building feeling lighter but my nerves still felt somewhat raw.

Back at home, I kept my coat on and went outside to sit in my new cerise pink garden chair.

Mother Nature brought me back to balance.

Staying Safe

I am happy to share that I have had no recurrences, and I continue to wear a high SPF and my hat.

Wishing you all a safe summer in the sunshine.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.





  1. What a relief! I’m so happy that all was positive for you and the best part was you got to sit in your cerise pink garden chair and enjoy Mother Nature!! Wishing you a warm and sunny day to enjoy your chair and nature!! 🙂

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      • That is tragic at any age, but for a 16 year old, I can’t even imagine the pain and loss you must feel. I have a great grandson fighting Leukemia at this time and I know what my son is going thru with that one, so it makes my own loss of two babies, one stillborn and the other one day old, seem much easier to live with. Prayers for both of you.

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  2. What a relief, Brigid. Phew. I was a baby-oil sunbather as a teen to the point of blistering. I’ve been lucky so far, but regret that I didn’t take better care of my skin. It seems that young people are more careful these days, and that’s great! Enjoy the sunshine, lathered up. That hat is better for your eye too! 😀

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  3. Oh wow! Thank you for the reminder. I am a huge believer in spray tanning for color and using SPF for sun exposure. But I had some suntanning years as a youth and I know they may catch up with me someday.

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  4. So glad to know the checkup turned out okay. Yes, we realize the importance of sunscreen and it is so good to read your re-post on this topic. Right now we are in North Carolina and the sun is blistering hot. The young folks are basking in its rays and if only they truly realized the effects of the suns rays.

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  5. Such good news Brigid. And the message is important. Glad you enjoyed the afternoon in your new chair. Reblogging with comment: Important message.

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      • So glad to hear you got the all clear Brigid. A nice, safe summer to you too from sunny Lancashire where firefighters been fighting moorland fires now in west Pennines for over a week. Must be very difficult conditions for them to be working in. Receiving a lot of practical community support which revives ones faith in human nature.

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      • Absolutely true, Brigid and that feeling and goosebumps that you have. Blessings from the Lord who knows us and saves us. He is always there with us, keep on taking his name and be yourself leaving all tensions of life in the garden of bliss that you so loving have. Do not worry all will be good.

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  6. When I was young, I wanted so badly to spend lots of time sunbathing but didn’t have time. Now I’m glad that didn’t work. My husband (who spent weekends at the river) is working through those issues.

    Yep, keep that SPF going!

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  7. Thank you for the timely reminder as the days become warmer…I’m glad your surgery went well and that your hat has become your new best friend…as a survivor of the same cancer, I’m very fond of my Kangol fedora and SPF 30!

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  8. Brigid, you must have been filled with anxiety before your visit. I am so glad that all is okay and it turned out to be scar tissue. No wonder you needed to just sit out, begin to find equilibrium again.

    I love that you’re swimming in the sea – what a beautiful and serene location and amazing to have such a beach almost to yourself! Enjoy and breathe lightly, with joy! Hugs, xx

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    • Thank you Annika. It was a nerve wracking appointment! I am so glad to have the all clear. Goodness what a joyful summer it has been Annika. I feel like I am reborn every day that I can swim in the sea. It is such a tonic. X🐬

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  9. Very scary but a good and happy ending and a cautionary tale for all. I am so happy that you are basking in a heatwave and bid you bon continuation is for many weeks to come (with the occasional good fall of rain overnight to keep everything lush and green 😉)

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  10. Oh, Brigid, I’m sure that was such a great relief. When I was about 19, I sunburned myself so badly that I even had trouble walking and I didn’t even spend that much time out there. Since that point, I’ve been vigilant and never burned again. I’m big on SPF, wear hats and just really don’t go outside that much on sunny days (OK, I stay in the shade). We’re landlocked so I don’t have any beautiful beaches to tempt me. Take care, Terri xox

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    • Goodness that was a horrible experience. So many people get caught out when they least expect it. I feel like a different person when the sun shines and it is a long time since I have been able to swim so much in the sea in Ireland – 50 ish! Happy summer. 😎😎😎


  11. That must have been really scary for you! Goid news that it all turned out well though. The weather has been glorious, hasn’t it? We had a cloudy day in Cavan yesterday, and another today, but generally the outlook is good for another few weeks… long overdue! 🤣

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  12. So thankful with you that it was all OK Brigid!! I’ve had some skin cancers cut and stitched and know how important it is to keep on top of it! And– loved that you are fully enjoying the summer there! We walked at the beach last week with friends. take care friend. xo

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  13. It’s definitely been Factor 50 for my face this summer Brigid – how wonderful it’s been to wake up day after day to glorious sunshine. It definitely puts a smile on my face! x

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