The Garden in June 2018


Thankfully, my garden has survived a four week long HEATWAVE, followed by Storm Hector which brought much needed rain but rather destructive winds. I had a few floral casualties but they are all making an excellent recovery.

The sunshine is back and I am outside as often as possible.

June heralded a glorious display of Roses, and I have been gifted with their scent as I bask in the sunshine.

James Galway sprinted ahead with an abundance of beautiful pink blooms:

I picked a good number of flowers in advance of the storm to save them from an early grave:


I think they enjoyed the company of the vibrant Alchemilla mollis.

A number of  Roses are blossoming, including yellow Pilgrim, red Paul’s Scarlet and lilac Blue Moon:

Rosa glauca is covered in tiny pink stars:

She is embraced by Clematis jackmanii, who will flower a little later in the summer season.

The garden is enhanced by a number of other floral marriages. Yellow Lysimachia and Purple Astrantia look well together:

As does this medley of Aquilegia, Geraniums, Jacob’s Ladder, Iris, Daisies…


Iris sibirica has gently unfolded to produce a stunning symphony in Blue:

Each and every flower gladdens my heart.


Jobs for July


Weeding continues throughout the summer. Thankfully, the heatwave in June gave a little respite from rapid growth.

Watering and Feeding

Pots need daily watering, and weekly feeding for maximum effect. Early morning or evening is best.

These pots at my front door – planted in May, are benefiting from regular watering and feeding:

Their delightful smiles give a warm welcome to visitors.

Dead Heading

Roses should be removed after flowering with a good pair of secateurs. This allows the smaller buds to thrive.

Regular dead heading of Roses and other flowers will reward you with a profusion of new buds, and a second flush of some species.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.


  1. Thank you Brigid for sharing your lovely pics.
    Since we moved house six years ago we just have communal gardens of shrubs tended by the gardener.
    I love plants & have put a small display outside the front door. Last year I displayed plants on a small step ladder under the kitchen window. I may do so again in July.
    Is that ‘the’ James Galway you mentioned?

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  2. Your garden is just beautiful Daisies. The mixture of flowers is so well chosen, and they all ‘talk’ to each other like old friends.

    The James Galway Rose …. coo, what a dazzling rose! If a Rose and a Peony fell in love, got married and then had a baby, the James Galway would be the baby they had. So, so pretty.

    The Blue Moon Rose …. aw, we had a well established Blue Moon in our garden at our old cottage, and the scent was mind blowing. We could smell it from yards and yards away. The flower heads were so huge that it would become impossible to support the weight of them in the end, and I’d have to cut them off. It felt just awful to do it, and I would apologise to the rose bush over and over, explaining what I was going to do before I could bring myself to do it.

    However … that one rose was enough to fill the cottage with perfume for days. It was such a huge blessing to have that rose. We don’t have one here at Cobweb Cottage, but … I think that now the longing has been planted, like a seed, within me, come later in the year … I think a Blue Moon will be on the shopping list. 😀

    Thank you for the walk around your garden. I feel like I’ve been with you for the afternoon, drinking a cup of coffee and chatting together. Great time!

    Sending much love to you Daisies. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    • James Galway is the prettier rose but the Blue Moon scent is the more stunning. I just removed two flowers from it today that had sadly passed away. It has been very hot again today and I had to wait till evening to sit awhile. Lots of watering going on. X🌼

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      • Yes, been hot here too. I have to admit that I’m finding it hard going now and would rather like a couple of cool days just to break up this heat.

        My poor cats (Alf Capone and Maisie Doates) are finding the weather a little trying. Fur Coats just aren’t the right thing to wear in this weather.

        The James Galway is a new one on me – but I’ve fallen in love with it. But I agree – the scent of the Blue Moon is out of this world. Only the Lord could have perfumed a flower like that.

        Don’t do too much in this weather, Daisies. Please take very good care of yourself, for you are important to us all.
        Sending much love ~
        C ❤ bs. xxx

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  3. Oh I so miss my roses and irises from my previous home! Loved seeing that your beautiful flowers made it through. Your pictures make me want to start a garden at my new home.

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  4. Its looking gorgeous Brigid. We didn’t have Storm Hector so Im having to hose every night now as there is absolutely NO ground water left. I know that when the rain comes it will be torrential and then it will run off the garden! My poor, poor roses are in bloom for a day only yet I do love this weather!

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  5. Brigid, your garden is a confusion of beauty and I mean that in the best way. Your roses are beautiful and the arrangement for indoors stunning. Glad you and your garden survived the weather. xxx

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  6. Brigid, lovely. When you look back you wonder where it all comes from, especially this year. It seems to have shot up from nowhere! The roses are beautiful and I think the astrantia is stunning that deep blood red is gorgeous! PXX

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  7. Just wow, so beautiful! When I win my millions, I’m coming to visit you Brigid, so we can sit in your garden together…how delightful that will be…and then you can bring me to that haunted place too!! xo ❤

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  8. Lovely-we love the old English roses and they have the best scents of all. During the 90’s we tried to grow quite a few but Missouri’s climate just made it too much of a challenge. Michael planted our first rose this spring in ages. It’s a climber called 4th of July and smells like cinnamon to me.

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  9. Brigid, wow! A heavenly garden with a profusions flowers to delight. How is it faring in this current heatwave? What a great idea to rescue some roses for indoors. It’s strange how some flower so well and early and others lag behind. I have one rose, The Queen of Scandinavia I think, which has had a hundred roses on it I’m sure, the poor yellow one next to it has had two – I reckon it’s got an inferiority complex! The clematis is wonderful and so unusual. I love the ‘symphony of blue’ from your Irises! Thank you so much for sharing in the wonders of your garden — a joy to read about it and I’m savouring the photos! Happy Weekend! 🌸🌺🌼🌹

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  10. It’s so strange to read of a heatwave when we are in our freezing winter!
    You have a beautiful garden Brigid & thank you for the great photos!
    Remember you’re welcome to drop in for a refreshing cuppa when you want a break,

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  11. Your garden is beautiful, Brigid…I could almost smell their delicate scent as I read your words…when summer returns here on the West Coast I must spend more time in gardens and on the beach, you’ve inspired me!

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  12. Hello Brigid, Adore your garden- so very pretty! Always say a garden without roses is just not a proper garden at all-roses even with their thorns are just so spectacularly pretty plus oh how adore their scents to breathe in too!! Our garden was in desperate need of some rain- just came last night after a long hot dry spell! Have 3 David Austin roses- a Mary Rose rose- pink, Celebration rose- peach and yellow, and, a Rhapsody In Blue rose which is a gorgeous purple – that purple one with a violet scent is my favourite one of them all! Have lots of plants that are bee and butterfly friendly as well as look beautiful. Like you- love plus cherish every single one of them! Thank You for sharing these beautiful pictures! Warmest wishes, Clara 🙂

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    • Thank you Clara. I am glad the rain arrived. We got it last weekend and a few times since then. The garden is very happy and so am I !
      David Austin roses are fabulous. I do not have Rhapsody in Blue but will see if I can fit it in…


      • Pleased you have had rain on more than one occasion. It is exceptionally dry here in Devon, hot, as well as very humid!! Our garden is still crying out for water. You would adore Rhapsody In Blue- the scent is phenomenal!! Warmest wishes to You from across the sea, love Clara( our flag in Devon in green yet our land is not right now ;-))

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