The Wild Atlantic Way – The River Walk Dungloe


“Walking is a man’s best medicine.”


The River Walk

The River Walk is located in the town of Dungloe, a few miles from my home. It has been developed to provide two walking routes alongside a lake, a river, and some outstanding scenery. I have been enjoying a group walk, organised by The Rosses Community Project, on Wednesday mornings during the month of July.

Both routes cross a bridge over the river:

The longer route takes us around the lake:

We pass peat drying in bundles, and bog cotton in abundance:

The river flows peacefully onwards:

Fuschia, heather and wild flowers smile back at us as we walk.

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The group stops off for a welcome cup of tea and a chat. The weather has been warm and dry and the walk has attracted a good turnout.

Last week, I headed back alone and discovered there are faeries living quietly among the trees:

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I spotted more fairy doorways with a rope ladder and a washing line:

I am incredibly thankful to have joined the group on these magical walks.




  1. Brilliant, amazing, truly FABULOUS post, Daisies.
    I went on the walk with you and admired the flowers, the river, and stood watching the silence of nature doing it’s thing so, so beautifully. And then ….

    …. came the magical fairy doors, washing line, rope ladder … and fell in love. Although I (naturally for me) love the fairy doors and associated things … I love the person, or people, who have added to what was, most likely, the first fairy door. What a wonderful thing they have done for both children and adults alike. Once seen they will never be forgotten. Incredible people who have beautiful hearts.

    Thank you so much for the share of these parts of your life Daisies.
    Have a blessed rest of your day ~ Cobs. x

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  2. Oh my! Sounds delightful, and so picturesque. I can imagine enjoying my highly visual sense even more, and don’t get me started on my always looking to be even more developed sense of adventure. Clean, fresh, and meditative. Getting to enjoy all you’ve displayed with other like-minded souls would also be a treat. I wonder…would the tea and conversation also include a plate of scones to choose from? SOLD!!! 🙂

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  3. the bog cotton is fascinating as we have huge sturdy cotton trees here. i do so love the fairy doorways and ladders, really magical. so glad you had a nice cup of tea after, that makes it so complete

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