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How to Decorate a Christmas Wreath

It seems timely to share this seasonal post from last year. I recently learned how to decorate a Christmas wreath at our local Women’s Shed. I will share the technique with you step by step: Resources You will need: A basic straw wreath Green plastic tape Rolls of florist’s wire Metal pins Assorted foliage, including holly with berries Decorations including […]

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The Garden in November 2018

Helleborus niger “Verboom Beauty” with Cowslip and Primula Friends Having completed my garden tidy up last month, I have become more relaxed and perhaps lazy… Thankfully, the weather has been glorious – much nicer than both September and October. Until yesterday, when it turned both stormy and wet! Hopefully, it will have passed by the time this post is published. […]

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Book Bub – The Results of My First Test Ads

I procrastinated at length, over running my first BookBub ad campaign, largely due to my fear of both technology and change. However, I am glad I put my fears aside, as I have been pleasantly surprised by the results . Getting Started BookBub offer a number of helpful posts to get you started. Check out the following page: They […]

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