Rainbows Over Belfast

Titanic Belfast This weeks taster from my book “Watching the Daisies – Life Lessons on the Importance of Slow,” comes from the prologue “Rainbows Over Belfast,”and describes my colourful experiences at a Tom Jones concert, in August 2012. “Seconds later, a series of efficient roadies dressed in sombre shades of black, grey and olive clear the stage for Sir … More Rainbows Over Belfast

52 Weeks of Thankfulness- Week 23

I lost my photographic mojo for a couple of months, due to the loss of thousands of photographs from the hard drive of my old computer.  Sadly, they cannot be retrieved despite professional intervention! I would urge you to keep backups of everything, as once lost, files are gone forever… Happily, there have been a few great photo opportunities in … More 52 Weeks of Thankfulness- Week 23