This Too Shall Pass

On Friday my sister passed away after a relatively short illness. It was a very powerful reminder of how fragile life can be… I wrote this poem several years ago, seated beneath a giant bell that faces a local graveyard. For Whom The Bell Tolls Seagulls scream overhead, Above the mighty bell, While Inis Caorach … More This Too Shall Pass


Today, I am thankful for rest, as I recover from my chest infection. Mother Nature has also been a great healer, as I watch her through my kitchen window. The weather has been unusually mild, but the birds are very hungry.  They seem to be eating more than usual.  I wonder why? I feed them with nuts, seeds, and … More Rest

A Pond No More!

My pond is definitely dead; it has sprung a leak and sadly cannot be repaired.  I shall transform it into a bog garden in the spring. Meanwhile, the remainder of my garden is ALMOST ready to sleep for winter.  I have been weeding and tidying in small bursts for several weeks, and only have a little weeding … More A Pond No More!


The little cove where I spent the afternoon. This post is dedicated to Bernadette at Haddon Musings and her Senior Salon. The sun shone again today ( a rare occasion this past year!) so I just had to take time out to spend a few hours relaxing on the nearest beach at Carrickfin. I wrote this poem last year for all … More Carrickfin