The Wild Atlantic Way – Seal Watching

Elsie Jayne The 41st Burtonport Summer Festival programme included “Seal Watching Trips” to see one of Ireland’s largest seal populations, with Jim Muldowney of Dive Arranmore. “The islands and rocks of Dungloe Bay are home to around 300 seals including pups at this time of year”, the programme suggested. I felt compelled to book a … More The Wild Atlantic Way – Seal Watching

Rocks and Rock Pools

Last week, I longed for walk along Carrickfin Beach, despite it being a rather windy day. Thankfully, I had the wind behind me as I set out on the outward journey… The wind challenged the seabirds, The beach lay deserted… I was propelled to the far end, and much needed rocky shelter. Rocks have always fascinated … More Rocks and Rock Pools

Lambs at Last!

This week, I was rewarded with my first glimpses of this year’s newborn lambs -two white ones and three black, including black twins.  I have been eagerly anticipating their arrival since February ! The Twins and their friend I felt so thrilled to see them; I had a smile on my face for the remainder of the … More Lambs at Last!

Frogs have Spawned

Clumps of frog spawn in local pools Spring is well underway here in Donegal, and frogs have been busy producing frog spawn for around 2 weeks now.  I always feel such JOY when I see their clumps of eggs in water pools along my regular walking route. They remind me of my childhood, when I used to collect … More Frogs have Spawned

The Garden in January

A winter view across my back garden I had another JOY filled afternoon last week, spent weeding and pottering in my garden. Thankfully, the mild autumn and winter weather has ensured I am well ahead of my usual gardening schedule.  I have gravel paths between my flower beds, with a strong barrier underneath, yet some determined weeds still manage to seed … More The Garden in January


Today, I am thankful for rest, as I recover from my chest infection. Mother Nature has also been a great healer, as I watch her through my kitchen window. The weather has been unusually mild, but the birds are very hungry.  They seem to be eating more than usual.  I wonder why? I feed them with nuts, seeds, and … More Rest